YEAR 2016
SIZE 22,7 x 34,4 cm
TECH Box of 18 silkscreens
SPCS 4 colors
SPCS 50 ex
SPCS Signed and numbered
PRNT French Fourch

Blood on the green is a book entirely screen-printed at the Paris Print Club. It consists of 18 sheets of 22.7 by 34.4cm format, representing each one of the 18 golf hole from a parcour. Below each hole, the number and the par are noted.

The whole thiffng comes to be wrapped in a wallet who become a poster when unfolded. The book has been serigraphized in 4 colors. Blue, for water, green for the... green, black for drawings over the shapes, and red for the few spots of blood. During the past year, I found with amusement that the paintings of Hans Arp remind me a golf courses. So I reproduced some of its forms in paper cut, associated with other more personal, and recreated land in free typon on the screen of serigraphy. Once the background has been printed, I drawed on it with a layer.

The title, which is the same than an old paint I did, “blood on the green” is a paradox that seeks to break with the monotony and tranquility of golf but also illustrate violence in good society.

The book was shown to the public at the launch of the Batt Coop, a new art book co-operative in the Goutte d’Or district, created by Galerie P38 and the Paris Print Club. It has been exhibited alongside a series of ceramics, lithography, and a strong water print, all produced at the same residence at the Paris Print Club on June and September 2016.

Making Of