Galerie Bomma
Paris / France

Futuropolis is a solo show curated by Bomma gallery in Paris. during october 2018.
All the canvas were about fantastic and futuristic cities.

El Cairo

The upper part of the work do echoes to the conspiracionist videos and theories that UFOs have brought to the old egyptians the technology to build pyramids. The bottom part is a tribute to "Branding Punk", an instagram account about counterfeits and fake versions of famous technological brands in the Cairo.

Trapped in the city

In tribute to Trap music, his colorfull haircuts, his punchlines, his universe of drugs and excess.
Also a wink to Blade Runner and the lowlands of the city.

Pacific Club

The country club is a type of secure residence for rich people. Very common in America, it also exists in France.
At the Pacific Country Club, this community anticipated the global warming and built sumptuous mansions on stilts against rising water.
Many luxury brands are grouped together in a shopping center, at the central place of composition.
Locals travel in jet ski in this idyllic place, inhabited by dolphin, golf course and tennis court.
In the lower corners of the composition are represented poor social classes who clean the city.

Notre Dame des Landes 3024

This work is a mix between the movie "Avatar", the video game "starcraft" and the recent events of "Notre Dame des Landes",
a place in the french countryside where alter mondialist fought with state police during years to stay here.
It is a ruthless battle between robocops, butterflies and a group of environmental hippies.


Neom is a futuristic city project, located in Saudi Arabia. This ambitious project, "250 times the size of Paris", promises the highest GDP per capita by 2030, an e-government, and especially a new image of Saudi Arabia. In the painting, we find the great brands from the Silicon Valley, Apple, Amazon, Tesla and others, surrounded by sports cars and quatari moving in segay. Slaves are working on the construction both sides of the painting. The door of Ishtar, one of the eight gates of the city of Babylon, has been placed in the upper part of the composition

Metropolis" Metropolis, the worlds collide,
Ain't nobody could be on your side,
I don't care, I don't care
Metropolis is something new,
Ain't nobody got their eye on you,
I don't care, I don't care
Metropolis, the worlds collide,
Ain't nobody on the other side,
I don't care, I'm not there.


La Ville Science-Fiction est un paysage hostile.
Les défauts de notre condition urbaine moderne (ségrégation, contrôle, violence, pollution…)sʼy trouvent hypertrophiés. Le projet Futuropolis est dédié à la représentation de cette ville extrême: unegated communityconçue pour le divertissement, autosuffisante et construite au milieu de lʼocéan, la ZAD de Notre-Dame-des-Landes investie par desaliensécologistes et des CRS robots, le Paris postdiluvien…
Comme souvent dans le travail de Paul Loubet, le sujet de société rencontre les références ludiques, mettant en avant lʼambiguïté des futurs dystopiques, à la fois cauchemars de mondes inhabitables et rêves dʼaventures inconnues.

Sylvain Viaud