YEAR 2022
SIZE 380 x 265 mm
TECH Silscreen and risography artist book
SPCS 66 pages
SPCS 50 ex
SPCSSirio Flamingo 140 gr
SPCSSirio Light Blue 140 gr
SPCSCanson tracing paper 95 gr
SPCSPapago Yellow 130 gr
SPCSPapago Light Gray 130 gr
SPCSPolycarbonate and Black Supreme Compact Cardboard 1370 gr
SPCS Signed and numbered
SPCSScreen-printed (Silver / Black)
SPCSHand bound with stainless steel screw
INFO Edited byTwo And The Same Press
PICS Franck Jessueld

The project is a collection of documents from outer space that show us coded information and transmissions from distant worlds. Leading us to explore unknown natures through a catalog of previously classified images.

The book is an archive of prints intervened simultaneously by Gues and me. An exchange of drawings in which the styles of each one can be perfectly appreciated, forming a unique set of designs.

It is a limited edition of 50 copies. Reducing the number of copies has allowed us to take care of all the printing and binding processes, including assembly.

︎ First ten covers are black ︎