Client: AFIAC / Fiac /  France

A small drawing of a dolmen (2x2cm) reported to a monumental scale for the AFIAC.

Thank a lot to Françoise et Roland, Félix, Eric and all the Afiac team the for the love and the help and the love.

Photos by Baptiste Dété 

Client: Festival Cromapica / Picassent / Spain

Thanks to Juan and Salva!.

Vidéo by Paul Magnant

Client: Palais de Tokyo / Adagp
Paris / France

In November 2017, I wan the prize révélation art urbain from the ADAGP and Palais de Tokyo. Part of he prize consisted to participate in the LASCO project and to do an intervention in the underground of the Palais de Tokyo, a contemporary art museum in the center of Paris.

When I first see the long corridor I had to paint, I immediately thought it would be perfect to carry on my drone research inside; Also as the LASCO name is obviously inspired by the south of France prehistoric caves from Lascaux, I wanted to do a primitive drone cave but taking benefit from the brutal and concret aspect from the place. My idea was to recreate a mortuary corridor dedicated to the drone but from a civilization posterious from our (are you still here?). I first created a drone codex of pictograms wich I used to compose inside the corridor. At the end of the corridor, you could see blue light and heard a strange music from a tape recorder who also remind a drone. It was built with Samson Picard and some wood amulets  of drone were placed in sandpiles under the spotlights. Two books were edited by the batt coop and French Fourch for this project. Drone codex, and dronologie.The first one, Drone codex, is a book object all silkscreened wich contains all the vocabulary I created for the project. The second one, Dronologie, contains pictures from the finished project commented by Doctor Jacques Guiter, an eminent egyptologist (and also my grand-father).

Thanks you very very much to Hugo, Johanna, Alex, Eddy, Olivier, Anna, Pauline, Virgile, Jord, Polo, Samson, all the team from the ADAGP and Palais de Tokyo and all the people who could make this happen!

Vidéo by Paul Magnant


Client: Le vallon du Villaret

Installation of a 4 big and flat drone sculptures done in wood, and fully paintend and protected for extreme weather.

Done for le vallon du Villaret an amazing theme park mixing contemporary sculptures with a lot of attraction in the middle of th nature.

With Atelier 7 octobre
Client: Le forum - Maison de l’architecture de Normandie / intercom de Bernay

The project consists in the realisation of a micro architecture in the wood. During this 6 week-residency, we wanted to work around the notion of “shelter”.

The first four weeks were devoted to the realization of workshoaps around the notion of shelter with teenagers, old people or small children, but also to the search for a location in the forest and in the reflection of our architecture. As we moved  away from the art trail, we found a large wild clearing along the river but still a bit hidden. The place really interested us because to get there you have to cross five sequences of different landscapes (road, undergrowth, woods, mossy   woods and clearing).

We then decided to start with a rectiline shape so that the visitor who enters the clearing cannot define the shape and size of the structure (out of sight). This one finally facing the clearing acts as a platform in order to contemplate the landscape. Because it is high you can sheltered yourself from the rain, sit there, or even lie down. We chose the colour orange, because it is not perceptible by wildboars, and certain deer, and thus interferes with the notion of camouflage, because it is for us ultra visible in this natural clearing.The geometric decorative work was then carried out, inspired by pixel camouflage patterns, used by the army to blur the trail of drones. Because the work is located in a natural area, we could not dig the ground. This is why we made with the help of Emmanuel Bessan a chillhood friend of a concrete worker, ten 120kg studs to maintain the structure.

All the the structural work  in wood was carried out at the insitu workshops of Fred Lescat with the help of students from the DTMS section of the Boismard high school in Brionne. We then carried out the final assembly and the cladding on site under numerous storms and planted the last nail 5 minutes before the inauguration (a classic).

A big thank to them, Fred Lescat, Insitu, l’envers du décor, the Boismard school, the city of Broglie, Lauriane, Ticha,  Anne Lebellego,  Alida Levray, Yoyo (soldier), Baptiste,  Luso, Flo and Nono, Ben,  the Pole ado Serquiny, the Dresson residency, Claire Hacquet, Sonia, Jennifer, Pierre Buisseret, Regis, the Ram and to the people of Broglie.

See more pics and history of the proce
ss on the dedicated residency blog.