In august 2017, along with a group of other artists, I've been invited by La "S" grand atelier. Based in Vielsam, a lovely place in the ardennes forest, la "S" is an association who purpose differents workshop of creation with artists with mental states.

The work of Irene Gerard is essencialy based on the human figure. First she always produces a rapid and destructured layout, then she colorizes it untill obtain a very strong and graphic result wich could remind cubism at his analytic period. With her, I choose to produce a diptych canvas. I first paint a 3 colors decor with a skyline, then I gave her some documentation and we fill the canvas together.

Philippe Da Fonseca, whose father was a famous graphic designer, builds abstract compositions in black and white with a vigorous but precise gesture. With him I choose to build a serie of wooden scultpures of boats. Then I let him paint them. The result was quite impresive!

Irene and Philippe working hard.

When I first meet Flo, whe had a good talk about a shared passion, the heavy metal! So I push him to draw some crazy metal guitars. Once he did the drawings, I start to build them in wood. After that I told him to custom them. Eventualy, we go outside to play them loud. And we did a crazy poster of it!

With Gabriel, who is totaly crazy about music (he knows everything!) we try to make a cumbia poster of the concert of his dream. So I asked him 3 bands he would love to see playing the same day, and he answered me Gorillaz, Slipknot and Shaggy. He draw me the name of the band with a latino style and then I did a stencil with papercut. With the help of Bertrand and Juliette we silkscreened a poster with some fluorescent gradients in a weird south american style.

Marcel Schmitz is the creator of Frandisco, a huge city made with cardboard and tape. I ask him to do me a model of a villa (poor house in argentina) and the I customed it with a lot of typography from here. Also Juliette Bensimon Marchina drew some characters!

Then in november, Pakito Bolino from le dernier cri (one of the artist present during the residency) organised a HUGE exhibition called VIVA REVOLUCION GRAFICA at la friche de belle de mai . For this event, la "S" brought a big part of his collections along with some of the pieces we've done in Belgium. Also a lot of objects from mexican popular culture and other artists from here were shown.

Flo "deathly from death" installation.

I also did some "cartels" and typography for the scenography.

DJ Gabi mixing next to Piet du Congo at the exhibition party.

See you soon Vieslam!